1958: Proof of CO2 increase in the atmosphere

In 1958, Charles David Keeling proved for the first time that the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is increasing worldwide due to human activities.

Since pre-industrial times, the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere has increased from 287ppm (parts per million) in 1750 to over 415ppm in 2022. A CO2 concentration above 400ppm has not been observed on our planet for several million years. The CO2 concentration has increased from 390ppm to almost 420ppm within 10 years. This steep increase is unprecedented in our Earth’s history.

In the city of St.Gallen, the main sources of CO2 emissions are private individuals (49%) and companies (41%). In particular, activities related to energy, consumption, food and air travel are responsible for the majority of emissions.

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